Rediscovering comic strips in a 'Boondocks' collection

I used to love comic strips. When I was really little, my grandparents used to cut out the comics page from the daily newspaper for me. They took the morning paper, which had different strips than the afternoon paper my parents subscribed to. I begged my parents to change their subscription, but they liked reading the paper at night.

Luckily, I had great grandparents, and because they knew that I liked the morning comics better, they'd save all the pages for my next visit. I loved taking a stack of newspaper pages home and reading several weeks worth of comics at a time.

Now that I'm older, I have to admit I am less entertained by comic strips. Sure, I occasionally check in on "Cathy" or the "Foxtrot" family, but I don't read any strip regularly.

When I was cat sitting at a friend's house recently, I couldn't help but notice a book of comic strips on his coffee table. It was the title that really got my attention. "Boondocks: Because I Know You Don't Read the Newspaper" by Aaron McGruder (Andrews McMeel, $10.95) is a collection of strips that originally ran in daily newspapers across the country.

McGruder clearly doesn't know me, because I do read the newspaper, but I still really liked his comic. I have no idea why I had never read it before. Well, it might have been because no one has saved the daily comics for me in years. So I guess McGruder was right, in a way - I'm not reading the newspaper's comics.

But "Boondocks" in book form really worked for me. I love the two "Boondocks" kids, mostly because of their bad attitudes and sarcasm. The comic also includes a lot of pop culture references and social commentary. I read the whole book in one sitting and am looking forward to more.

When my friend got back to town, I told him how much I loved the book and he promised to lend me his other "Boondocks" books. It's not quite the same as if he had offered to cut out the strip from the newspaper for me every day, but I'll take it.

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