Loganville councilman proposes tough sexual predator ordinance

LOGANVILLE - Councilman Austin Jones, who chairs the city's Parks and Recreation Committee, presented a sexual predator ordinance Thursday night.

The ordinance, patterned after the one Snellville recently adopted, is stricter than Georgia's.

The state ordinance does not allow a sexual predator to live within 1,000 feet of a school, bus stop, community park or anywhere children congregate often. Loganville's ordinance does not allow a sexual predator to live within 2,500 feet of the same places.

Thursday night's City Council meeting was the first read of the ordinance. Second read will be at the next council meeting, scheduled for July 13.

Zoning ordinance

amendments OK'd

Loganville Planning and Development Director Pat Chapman presented amendments to three of the city's zoning designations Thursday night. The commercial neighborhood, commercial highway and office and industrial sections of the current ordinance have been amended to specify various building size guidelines.

Chapman said that the city's fire chief is aware that six-story buildings are now allowed in the guidelines, and he will research whether Loganville's fire apparatus can accommodate that size building in an emergency.

2006-07 budget approved

The second of two public hearings on the upcoming fiscal year budget was held Thursday night.

City manager Bill Jones presented the proposed budget, noting that the millage rate has dropped in the budget from .9 to .893. Jones also said that, while he made budgetary provisions for the installation of traffic light cameras at strategic intersections in the city, he reserves the right to amend the budget in the event he finds traffic cameras are not a good fit for the city's needs. Jones is still researching the pros and cons of the cameras.

"Mr. Jones and his staff work very hard every year on the budget, and I appreciate that," said mayor Tim Barron. "They're sometimes asked to do more with less, and they always make it work."

Rezoning approved

Officials approved the rezoning of 17.60 acres on Conyers Road on Thursday night. The applicant, Stauffer Interests, plans to build a retail center on the previously residential-zoned parcel. Chapman's department recommended approval of the zoning request, with conditions that included parking lot landscaping and a traffic study, with all recommended improvements to be the responsibility of Stauffer Interests.

"This (development) could be a real showpiece for the city," said councilman Ray Nunley.

Loganville 101 class space

still available

Class space in the popular "learn how your government works" class series, Loganville 101, is still available. Councilman Chuck Bagley, who steered and initiated the first class last year, announced the 2006 class dates. They will be held on Aug. 9, 16, 24 and 31.