Letters to the Editor

Don't blame all Marines for Haditha cover-up In November 2005, one Marine and 24 Iraqi civilians were killed in Haditha, Iraq. One day later the Marines announced that all 25 had been killed by an improvised explosive device - a homemade mine.

Shortly thereafter it was determined that the only person killed by the IED was the Marine: all 24 Iraqis were killed by gunfire and most of them were women and children. This incident became public knowledge about three weeks ago.

The above proves without any doubt that a massacre did occur and a subsequent cover-up was attempted.

The only question remaining is how high up the chain of command the cover-up went.

Please do not blame our entire Marine force in Iraq for what a few combat stressed troops did who knew this IED was placed there by the locals - this is exactly why the incident at My Lai occurred in Vietnam. One cannot fight with an IED.

This does not condone what happened but sheds probable light on why it happened.

Those found guilty will be punished. Their actions greatly set back our war effort against terrorists who will commit any atrocity to advance their cause.

- Jay Wagner

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