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Must find ways for immigrants to become legal

Goteborgs-Posten, Goteborg, Sweden:

What means are we prepared to use to keep out the poor of this Earth?

President Bush wanted to use National Guard troops to strengthen enforcement of the Mexican border. Even without the military, this border is already regarded as the world's most guarded.

Despite this, six million Mexicans live illegally in the U.S. They are just as needed by U.S. farming as the illegal Africans are in the Spanish greenhouses.

And what were the soldiers supposed to do at Rio Grande? Shoot at unarmed immigrants?

The only thing that can stop illegal immigration to Europe is hope. The chance to immigrate legally to Europe is in everybody's interest.

But above all, it is in everybody's interest to fight poverty in Africa. Those with hope do not risk their lives in a rowboat on the Atlantic.

Nature hits Indonesia when its already down

Aftenposten, Oslo, Norway:

Even nature is unfair. At least, it must feel that way in Indonesia.

The country's authorities asked for international help after the earthquake on Java.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg told Indonesia's president that Norway wants to help. Many other countries have promised aid.

That is encouraging, although the amounts are not always as impressive, since the aid that reaches disaster areas is always less than promised.

Speed is important. To reach tens, perhaps hundred, of thousand injured is decisive.

Indonesia bore the brunt of losses when the tsunami crashed over the many Asian countries during Christmas 2004. Some 130,000 died in the Aceh province of Sumatra, compared, for example, to 8,000 dead or missing in Thailand.

Indonesia, unlike among others Norway, is one of the countries where fear of earthquakes is almost constant.

The problem is that poverty, including poorly made buildings, can amplify the consequences. It can barely get worse than a big earthquake hitting a poor, densely populated area, as in this case.

When nature's blind rage is linked with unfairness created by humanity, the earthquake victims don't just deserve sympathy and compassion, but generous health.