County to consider park buy

LAWRENCEVILLE - A key land deal to create a greenway system in the Harbins community faces its second vote Tuesday.

The Board of Commissioners will consider ratifying the purchase of 106.8 acres along the Alcovy River for the second time.

The commissioners agreed to buy the land earlier this year, but a survey of the tract in the estates of William G. and William David Edwards, revealed 10 more acres than the original estimate, said Community Services Director Phil Hoskins.

The survey was

conducted to reveal how many acres are in the wetlands and how many have the potential for development, Hoskins said. The county had agreed to pay $34,000 each for the developable acres and $15,000 for each acre in the floodplain for an amount not to exceed $2.3 million.

But using those land values for the acreage, the total price now comes to $2,382,343, causing the need for a second vote.

The tract is adjacent to an 1,800-acre Harbins plot the county purchased for a passive park.

"It's a key property for us in terms of a greenway

connection" to nearby Tribble Mill Park, Hoskins said. "It's a significant

acreage. It's adding 100 acres to our biggest park already."