Man carjacked

at gunpoint

•NORCROSS - A 24-year-old Norcross man was carjacked Wednesday at Bradford Gwinnett apartment complex at 100 Castor Drive.

The victim told police he drove his black 2000 Jaguar S-type into the parking lot near the leasing office at 11 p.m. Two unidentified men, one black and one Hispanic, walked up to his car. One of the robbers pointed a handgun at the victim's head, saying "Give it up," a police report stated.

The suspects then reportedly yanked the victim out of his vehicle and threw him to the ground. They both got into the car and sped out of the complex.

Men take vehicle

•NORCROSS - A Norcross man was carjacked Thursday at Twin Springs duplex on Twin Springs Lane.

The victim was walking toward his 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe when he was confronted by two unidentified Hispanic men dressed in all black clothing, according to a police report. The suspects pointed a black revolver at him, took his keys and left in his vehicle.

The victim was unable to provide a detailed description of the suspects, the police report stated.

Gang attacks

couple at eatery

•NORCROSS - A man and his girlfriend were sitting in Nguyen Cafe at 1210 Rockbridge Road Wednesday when a group of Asian gang members instigated a confrontation at their table.

The group surrounded the couple's table, slammed a beer bottle down and told them to leave. Two of the men then brandished guns and began to strike the victim over the head, according to a police report.

The gang members forced the victim and his girlfriend to leave the cafe and followed them out to their car. An officer responding to a fight call at the restaurant encountered about 15 Asian men standing in the parking lot who were all dressed the same in white T-shirts and blue jeans.

Some of the suspects ran back into the bar and others attempted to leave in their vehicles. Officers noted that the bar manager and witnesses in the restaurant were uncooperative, claiming they didn't know what was going on or who was involved.

The victim told police the suspects are all in an Asian gang called "DMV."


Fight between

men turns bloody

•WINDER - A fight between two men on Wood Avenue in Winder turned bloody Wednesday afternoon.

Officers Schotter and Bagley responded to a report of a dispute and found Winder resident Henry Thurmond bleeding from a stab wound to his stomach. Across the street, Douglas Griffin was shouting that he had stabbed Thurmond, according to the police report.

The officers reported that Thurmond said the two men had been in an argument when Griffin stabbed him. According to the report, Griffin then told officers that Thurmond had "been messing with him all day," trying to push him out of his wheelchair and hitting him in the head with a saw horse.

A witness, Howard Teasley, confirmed both men's stories. Both men were transported to Barrow Medical Center.

Man's stabbing story falls apart

•WINDER - Winder resident Kenneth Gee was being treated for severe cuts at Barrow Regional Hospital Tuesday when he told police he had been stabbed in his right arm.

Or had he been?

When responding officer Sgt. D. Garrett interviewed the supposed victim's wife, she said Gee often snuck into old houses to steal copper wire. She suspected Gee cut his arm on broken glass.

According to the police report, Garrett questioned Gee again, who admitted to sneaking into a house on Athens Street to find anything he could sell. Gee was taken to the Winder Police Department and officers went to the house Gee had allegedly broken into.

The officers found blood on a broken window, the floor and a curtain, according to the report. In addition, the man Gee accused of stabbing him is currently incarcerated.

Vandals rob

drink machine

•WINDER - A Pepsi machine at the Winder Barrow YMCA was vandalized and broken into. Officer T. Bagley responded to a call from the complainant at 8:35 a.m. Thursday.

The vandals knocked out the key assembly and took the change collector, according to the police report. No leads have been reported.

- From staff reports