Men charged after shots fired

•NORCROSS - Three men were arrested Tuesday after firing gunshots inside Worthing Pines apartments off Graves Road.

A married couple told police they heard five to six gunshots coming from the apartment above them. Police went to the apartment and questioned Shashi Jayendra Patel, 19, Naveed Shabbir Zakaria, 19, and Taiyab Ahmed Qureshi, of unknown age.

Police found a 9mm round and an empty magazine but no gun. The suspects denied shooting a gun and claimed another roommate who had left for work about 30 minutes prior was responsible.

Officers left to speak with someone at the apartment leasing office and were then contacted again by the couple who had complained about the gunshots. This time, the couple said two bags had just been dropped off the balcony above and landed on their patio. The bags both contained pistols.

Patel, Zakaria and Qureshi were charged with reckless conduct.

Lilburn man shot

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A 22-year-old Lilburn man was injured in a shooting Wednesday at Sweetwater Glen Apartments on Club Drive.

Police found Jonathan Greer lying on his stomach in the living room of an apartment and screaming in pain. Greer had been shot in the chest and right leg, according to a police report. He reportedly claimed he did not know the shooter, but witnesses said Greer and the suspect were good friends.

Greer and another man had just returned to the complex from a restaurant when they encountered the shooter on the stairs in a breezeway at 3:25 a.m. A few words were exchanged between Greer and the suspect, and Greer was then gunned down, the police report stated. The other man who was with Greer ran to an acquaintance's apartment and locked the door.

Within minutes, Greer knocked on the acquaintance's door and collapsed after he came inside. Greer was transported to Gwinnett Medical Center.

- From staff reports