Incumbent will not contest lost election

WINDER - Beverly Kelley, a school board member who lost her bid for re-election, said Wednesday that she will not contest the result, but will continue to fight a larger battle against an all-electronic voting system.

Kelley was a District 4 representative for eight years, but lost her seat to challenger Larry Ballard by 41 votes July 18.

Kelley initially said she planned to contest the election after speaking to supporters, but after discussing the matter with an attorney said the five-day time frame after results were certified was too short.

Instead, Kelley said, she will to continue to investigate what she said are problems with the voting machines and the method of tabulating votes.

"There's more than meets the eye to this," she said. "I've already got preliminary information that doesn't look like everything's gone like it should have."

Kelley said she collected polling information from both Democratic and Republican voters, and that a number of people who said they were going to vote or that have voted in every election in the past were not tallied in this year's ballots. She also said some people were nearly turned away from the polls because they weren't on the electronic register, even though their names appeared in paper.

As the state heads toward a paperless system, she said, it is important that people are confident that their votes are counted.

"It just happens that mine was the closest, it was the biggest red flag to people," she said.

At first, Kelley questioned the amount of time it took for workers to count votes and poll workers' decision to retrieve something from the county's Westside precinct without a police escort.

Elections Supervisor Kristi Royston said previously that she did not think there were any errors in the election process.