Man accused of pulling

fire alarm after drinking wine

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A Lawrenceville man was arrested Thursday after pulling the fire alarm at Holland Park Apartments off McKendree Church Road, according to a police report.

Residents in the complex called 911 to report someone pulled the fire alarm and was ringing doorbells. When an officer arrived, someone pointed out 25-year-old Nolan Andrew Brodalski as the culprit. Brodalski was standing by an apartment in a state of extreme intoxication, according to the police report.

Brodalski admitted consuming two bottles of wine, the police report stated. He told the officer he was walking outside when he stumbled into the fire alarm, activating it.

Brodalski allegedly tried to lie about his name, telling the officer he was not Nolan. However, after the officer pointed out that Brodalski's name appeared on his driver's license, Brodalski feigned astonishment and replied "Surprise, surprise," the police report stated.

Brodalski was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct and false alarm.

Man charged with fleeing police, drug possession

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A 30-year-old Buford man was arrested Saturday after allegedly fleeing from a police traffic stop with an unknown amount of drugs.

Theron Deushon Green was driving a black 1994 Honda Civic when he was pulled over for having window tint that was too dark. Green had a large amount of money and a stun gun stuffed under his shirt, according to a police report.

He suddenly dashed to the passenger area of his car, grabbed a small bag and ran across four lanes of Sugarloaf Parkway. Green continued running through a parking lot, tumbled into a water retention pond and then ran up a hill onto railroad tracks. As he fled, Green allegedly dumped out the contents of the bag, which were later recovered.

Inside the bag was marijuana residue and other suspected drugs, the police report stated. Green finally grew tired, slowed to a walk and then lay down at the pursuing officer's command. He was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and marijuana possession.

- From staff reports