Norcross PD chief: Pay me more or I quit

LAWRENCEVILLE - A salary dispute has placed the employment status of Norcross Police Chief Dallas Stidd in doubt.

Stidd, who took over the department last summer, Wednesday notified the city that he intended to resign due to a dispute over his pay, said Norcross Mayor Lilian Webb. And unless city officials can convince him to stay, Stidd's last day at the helm will be Friday.

The City Council has hastily scheduled a closed-session meeting Monday to discuss the matter, and Webb hopes Stidd will reconsider.

"He's been a good chief, and I see no reason to be changing and keeping upheaval in the department," Webb said. "If a person is doing their job and there are no glaring exceptions, let's keep the keel of the boat level and let's move on."

Stidd declined to comment about his possible resignation.

Stidd's current salary is $56,000, and it was unclear how much of a raise he wanted. Stidd joined the department 18 years ago and worked his way up the ranks. He supervises a department of 33 sworn officers and 10 civilians.

Lilburn Police Chief John Davidson was hired earlier this year at $75,000 to supervise a staff of 38 officers and support staff.

Another issue of contention is Stidd's request for a 12-month leave of absence to go overseas. The city policy only allows for a six-month leave of absence, Webb said.

City Administrator Warren Huckmaker would not discuss the situation Friday, however, he said a public announcement will be made after the council meeting Monday. At that time, Stidd's letter to the city will also be made public, Huckmaker said.