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National ID card a must to protect against fraud

I certainly agree with Jay Wagner's (July 11) assessment that procedures for allowing absentee voting are far too loose .

I recently requested and received an absentee ballot since I will be out of the state during the primary and was amazed at how easy it was to do.

Although I have long been a registered voter, I could not help but remember that anyone can register to vote by mail by downloading the voter's registration form from the Georgia Secretary of State's Web site or by visiting a library or driver's license station.

We are so benevolent that the voter's registration form is also available in Spanish. All an illegal alien or anyone has to do is to be willing to sign the form swearing that they are legally entitled to vote and they can and I've never heard of anyone being prosecuted for violating a voter's registration law.

As for Jay's suggestion that we need a national identity card, I certainly agree. At one time I opposed a national ID card but I now believe it is a must. There are few nations that don't have a national ID card: even Mexico has one.

As one who spent a career in the military with a high level security clearance, I am accustomed to ID cards, having my photos and fingerprints taken, my eyeballs scanned, my neighbors questioned about my lifestyle and do not fear having it done nor believe it to be "demeaning."

As for those who are fearful of the government "knowing about them," consider that MasterCard and Equifax and even the grocery store that issued them a shopper's card certainly knows more about the individual than does the government.

State issued ID's are no longer reliable as means of identification because too many states have purposely compromised the integrity of their systems because of political correctness and lack of backbone.

Simply put, without a national ID card, there is no realistic way to identify the illegal alien or the terrorist among us. Cold hard fact! It is time to face reality and have a national ID system.

- Ernest Wade

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