BOC mulls $5 million for shelter

LAWRENCEVILLE - Gwinnett's crowded animal control shelter could soon have a new home, if commissioners approve a $5.8 million contract Tuesday.

The deal would kick-start construction on a new facility on U.S. Highway 29, where crews are already working on a new police training complex.

According to Animal Control Officer Jason Cannon, the current shelter on Hi-Hope Road is full.

When pet owners come to the shelter to give up an animal, officers turn them away, asking them to either hold onto the animal until a space opens up or go to a rescue organization.

Not only would a new shelter provide space for more dogs and cats, but it is also expected to provide a better way to quarantine animals.

In 2004, the county had to euthanize many dogs, relocate others and close the shelter for days during three outbreaks of the parvo virus.

"It's an aged facility," Cannon said. "With a newer building, there would be more pens and the building itself would be more inviting to people wanting to adopt (animals)."