Police: Man tried to ram car

NORCROSS - A Decatur man was arrested Friday for allegedly trying to ram a police car that was trying to pull him over on Oakbrook Parkway.

The officer was trying to stop the driver of a silver 2001 PT Cruiser for playing loud music in the area at about 4:15 a.m., according to a police report.

When the officer pulled alongside driver Nicholas D. Partridge, 22, to get his attention, Partridge allegedly jerked his steering wheel hard to the left on two occasions in an attempt to ram the officer's patrol car on the overpass.

Partridge continued fleeing at an excessive speed, at times crossing into oncoming lanes of travel, the report said.

He was eventually cornered in the Indian Village Shopping Center at 2055 Beaver Ruin Road. Police had to break the driver's window because he would not come out of the car.

Partridge told officers he fled because he had no license and he was wanted for violating his probation.