Snellville appoints new mayor pro tem

SNELLVILLE - Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer and City Council members Monday night voted to appoint council member Robert Jenkins the city's new mayor pro tem, an office left vacant after mayor pro tem Mike Smith resigned Jan. 20.

Smith, who has been charged with ten felony counts in connection with a telemarketing scam, voluntarily resigned and will devote his attention to clearing his name.

"I felt that Mike Smith would have been a better choice for mayor pro tem. I regret that he resigned. I wish he would have stayed on," Jenkins said after thanking his fellow council members and the mayor for their confidence in him.

Jenkins went on to say that he is disappointed in the way the investigation and arrest were handled by the sheriff and the district attorney.

"Usually, when someone is being investigated, they know about it. Mike knew nothing about this until he was arrested," Jenkins said. "This is a devastating situation for a husband, father and former


Dippel to run for

vacant Post 5 seat

Terri Dippel, who ran against Smith for the Post 5 council seat last November, announced her intention to run again for the same seat now that it is open. Dippel, who won 38 percent of the vote last November, said, "I never expected to run again so soon or under these circumstances."

Dippel is an second-grade teacher at Centerville Elementary School in Snellville. She and her husband, Richard, have lived in Snellville for 20 years.

The election is tentatively scheduled for July 18, the first date on which Snellville can hold an election since moving the city's polling place to the new City Hall.

Mayor accounts

State of the City

Oberholtzer delivered his State of the City address to residents Monday night. Looking back at 2005, he highlighted the city's accomplishments. Giving a pat on the back to the public safety and police departments, Oberholtzer commended city staff for numerous awards and honors bestowed on the city in 2005.

Looking forward to 2006, the mayor added that more officers will be added to the city's force. He also noted planned improvements to Briscoe Park, city sidewalks and drainage repairs and improvements.

"We had a great year and are looking forward to a better one this year," Oberholtzer said.