Lawyers ask for delay in one

corruption trial because of another

•ATLANTA - Federal prosecutors and defense lawyers have asked for a two-month delay to the March 6 start of the corruption trial of former state schools superintendent Linda Schrenko, in part because of the ongoing corruption trial of a former Atlanta mayor.

In a brief motion jointly filed by prosecutors and defense lawyers, the two sides noted that one of the prosecutors against Schrenko, Russell Vineyard, is a prosecutor in the ongoing federal trial of former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell, which started Tuesday. The Campbell trial is expected to last six to eight weeks and therefore would conflict with the scheduled start of the Schrenko trial.

Schrenko faces charges in an alleged scheme to steal more than $600,000 in federal education money. Schrenko has pleaded not guilty.

Royal collection to inaugurate

Louvre-High Museum partnership

•ATLANTA - An exhibit of 32 works collected by the two French kings who represented high and low points in European aristocracy will inaugurate the unprecedented three-year partnership between the Louvre in Paris and the High Museum in Atlanta.

''Kings as Collectors,'' scheduled to open Oct. 14, will feature European paintings and sculptures from the Renaissance through the 17th century, including some by masters like Rembrandt, Velazquez, Murillo and Poussin.

The masterpieces were collected by the ''Sun King,'' Louis XIV, and Louis XVI. The show, accompanied by two smaller exhibits of luxury items and drawings from the same collections, will mark the first time in the Louvre's 213-year history that the museum has agreed to share entire collections with another museum for an extended period.

- From wire reports