Letters to the Editor

Alito hearings good for comedy if nothing else

The recent Alito confirmation hearings should have been aired on Comedy Central. The senators took three times the airtime used by Judge Samuel Alito. Sen. Joe Biden set the record with a six-minute question to which Alito could have put the entire gathering into gales of laughter by replying, "Senator, I got lost some three minutes into your question, could you please repeat it it in somewhat more detail?"

Sen. Edward Kennedy, ever eager to prove he is not among the sharpest knives in the drawer, seemed to repeatedly question whether 12 years into Alito's tenure as an appeals court judge was sufficient to constitute Alito's initial period of service.

I hope the Democrats attempt a filibuster because that will put an end to judicial filibusters.

- Jay Wagner

Stone Mountain

Chambliss will block immigration reform

We should not be lulled into complacency by the fact that the U.S. House finally passed reasonably meaningful legislation that called for improved immigration enforcement. Do not think that the current open-border posture will really change if the Senate gets its way. Be aware that as the Senate starts its new session, plans for the most massive amnesty this country has ever seen are in the works and behind the scenes.

"But it's not amnesty," senators like Saxby Chambliss claim even as they make plans to simply award massive numbers of work visas to illegal aliens already in our country. To boot, even more illegal aliens will be invited to apply for "work visas" that will be issued with restrictions that our senator will never allow to be enforced. Chambliss' history as a state senator shows he will gleefully provide cheap foreign workers for his business supporters.

Watch your senator very closely for he plans to make an end run around around public opinion that illegal immigration should be curtailed. After all, our senator is more beholden to his big dollar financial supporter than he is to the beleaguered American citizen. We have one last chance to have a sensible immigration policy and our senator is about to trade it for campaign support.

- Ernest Wade


Southern accents are just wonderful to hear

I just ran across Dick Yarbrough's column ("There's nothing wrong with talking like a Southerner," Perspective, Dec. 3) in the Post regarding Southern accents. I am in total agreement. I think it is great that people in different parts of the country have different accents, and I am appalled that there are those who want us all to talk alike.

When we moved to Georgia in 1978, after spending all our lives in the Midwest, my husband told me to remember that we were the ones who talk funny. I love Southern accents. Our wonderful neighbors are all Southerners, and I wouldn't change anything about them for the world.

Just sorry that I moved here too late in life to acquire a Southern accent.

- Theda Davis