Teen duo accused of vandalism

NORCROSS - Two teenagers were arrested and charged last week with vandalizing businesses across the county with graffiti.

The 16-year-olds were known for writing their monikers, "Kelor" and "Spooky," on the structures they vandalized, police said. Two Crime Suppression Unit investigators were able to find their real identities after following a lead from the Internet.

Officer Darren Moloney, spokesman for the Gwinnett County Police Department, said they had been vandalizing structures for about six months. Many of the businesses were located in the Norcross area, where the teenagers both live.

The vandalized businesses included auto centers, a shopping center, an apartment complex and the Garden Ridge home decorating store. Investigators have not yet determined how much monetary damage they caused.

Moloney said the teenagers' activities were not gang-related.

"They are known as taggers," he said, "They believe what they are doing has more of an artistic expression."

The two teenagers were taken to the Regional Youth Detention Center. They were charged with several counts of Criminal Damage to Property, a felony, and Criminal Trespass, a misdemeanor. After appearing before a juvenile court judge on Friday, they were released back into the custody of their parents.