Letters to the Editor

Fla. court made right decision on vouchers

The Florida Supreme Court made an important decision last week by striking down the state's school voucher program. Now the state Legislature can devote its attention to improving public education rather than subsidizing religious and other private schools. The children of Florida deserve the best public schools the state can provide. Taxpayer dollars should be spent in public schools, not private religious academies.

Florida legislators passed the voucher law in 1999 at the behest of Gov. Jeb Bush. The program provides vouchers for private school tuition for students enrolled in public schools deemed "failing." More than half of the participating private schools in the voucher plan are religious.

This is an important victory for public education and church-state separation.

- Ralph Greene


Put views in writing

If ever there was a time to speak out against the iniquities and injustices of life, it is here and now and this is probably the only platform available to most of us in which to do it.

The letters to the editor column offers us the opportunity to express our views and to respond to those whose views clash with our own.

We've all heard the expression "put in writing" when someone is spouting off on a given subject. We get plenty of feedback from the professional columnists and political pundits, but what we really need to hear is what our neighborhood friends have to say on the issues, pro and con.

You don't have to be an English professor to state an opinion or express an outrage. Just plain talk will do everytime. Todd Cline, the recently appointed editor of this newspaper, encourages everyone to come on board and get involved in the issues that have impact on our lives. Believe me, I get my licks in whenever I can. It beats preaching in an empty room. You have something on your mind that needs saying? Get it said here.

- George Morin


Liberals are really the ones in bed with rich

Bill Gates, liberal inventor and reputedly the world's richest man, has been buying a lot of Berkshire Hathaway stock lately. Berkshire Hathaway is run by even more liberal Warren Buffett, the second-richest American. Both of these characters admit to voting for Bill Clinton, and Buffett was a big fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's Senate run. Seldom is any of this stuff mentioned in the press. Funny, isn't it? The Republicans are the ones portrayed as the hated "rich" in the lamestream media. Gates as of Dec. 31 owned 4,200 shares of Berkshire Hathaway, the financial holding company controlled by Buffett, a stake worth some $88,000 plus per share, totaling $372.2 million. Gates is now a director of Berkshire Hathaway.

Remember Bob Graham, Florida's liberal U.S. senator who ran for president in 2004? Graham claimed at the time his Democrat rivals weren't fighting hard enough to defeat tax cuts. All nine Democratic candidates were on record as opposing any tax cuts. Graham's family owns the left-wing newspaper The Washington Post. The message here is rich liberals hold you back and the Democrats are the party of the richer. Of course, they pose as friends of the downtrodden.

Tax cuts, term limits and Ronald Reagan: the big three. Liberals hate 'em all.

- Marshall Miller