Norcross singer to offer lullaby CD to celebrity moms

Caroline Ruse

Staff Correspondent


Next week, the babies of celebrities could be falling asleep to the voice of Debra McDavid of Norcross.

McDavid, who just released a lullaby album entitled "Sleep, Little One," will attend Hollywood's Baby Boom Boom Room, a pre-Golden Globe Awards event, on Saturday to introduce the album to celebrity moms.

"I'll be giving the CD as a gift to the celebrity mothers who attend in the gifting suite," McDavid said. "The person holding the event really loved the album and thought it'd be a great gift."

McDavid's appearance at the event will be a good way to get word out about her album, which not only helps children fall asleep, but also benefits children with cancer. The singer will donate a portion of the proceeds from her album's sales to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

McDavid said she's excited about being able to give to PCF, a fundraising foundation that purchases state-of-the-art equipment and supports new cancer research, because of the work it's doing to find a cure for cancer for children.

"I was very interested in fundraising for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation," McDavid said, "because there are many more adults with cancer than children with cancer. They aren't receiving the funding to do as much research for the children."

Around the world

"Sleep, Little One" takes children on a journey around the world while they sleep.

The diverse album features 10 lullabies from different countries, including Indonesia, Ireland and Japan, sung in different languages. McDavid said once she decided to use a world theme, she began collecting a variety of lullabies together.

"I went through them all and sort of picked out the ones that spoke to me," she said.

German songs especially spoke to her - three of them appear on the album. When asked about it, McDavid said she and Grammy-winning producer Richard Aspinwall discussed it, but decided they liked the songs so much that they left them in.

McDavid and Aspinwall worked together to make each lullaby authentic to its origins by bringing the musical characteristics of the country to each piece. McDavid, who has performed in Spain, taught classes in Brazil and sung lead roles in many non-English operas, said the fact that not all of the lullabies' lyrics are in English wasn't a problem.

In reference to her opera and musical theater background, McDavid said the lullaby album was a departure from her usual singing style. She described her handling of its songs as a more diverse and mainstream approach.

"With this album, I wanted to do more of a soft, hushed singing voice - how I perceived a lullaby to be," McDavid said. "I really took a new direction with my singing, drawing from a lot of different inspirations."

For the children

"Sleep, Little One" has been in the making for about a year, McDavid said, but it isn't the first set of lullabies she has recorded.

"I first got the idea in graduate school, when my husband and I had about 18 nieces and nephews," McDavid said. "We thought it'd be a neat thing to do for them."

McDavid and her husband made a rough recording of lullabies as a gift for their tiny relatives. That was about 10 years ago, McDavid said, but it was the source of the idea for "Sleep, Little One."

In all her years of performing, McDavid said some of her most special audiences have been children.

"I've really enjoyed performing for children," she said. "They're so with you, and they ask great questions."

McDavid said she envisions the lullaby album appealing to children from birth to age 7 or 8 years old, but she has received positive feedback from adults as well.

"A lot of adults that have heard it said it's just so soothing, they like to listen to it as they drive through Atlanta traffic," she said. "Others said it's nice to put music on for their kids that they like to listen to."

The album is available for $15 on McDavid's Web site (www.debramcdavid.com).

At a Glance

•Album: "Sleep, Little One"

•Artist: Debra McDavid of Norcross

•Available at: www.debramcdavid.com

•Cost: $15 plus shipping and


•Tracks include: "Sleep, Sleep Little One" (Japanese), Brahm's Lullaby (German), "All the Pretty Little Horses" (American), "Sleep, Baby, Sleep" (German)