Cars damaged by BB gun pellets

NORCROSS - Some unidentified teenagers damaged several cars Monday by firing a BB gun at them near Seasons Parkway.

A woman exiting Four Seasons apartment complex at 8:39 p.m. heard a loud popping against her driver's side door, according to a police report. Then the window of a passing car burst as if it had been shot out.

The woman got out of her car and found several small dents and scratches in the driver's side. Another witness reported seeing several teenagers running away from the scene, one carrying a pellet gun.

Norcross man charged with DUI

NORCROSS - A 20-year-old Norcross man was arrested Sunday after he allegedly drove drunk and marooned his vehicle on a cement barrier.

An officer on patrol encountered a 1999 Ford Explorer that was driven up onto the cement barrier on Live Oak Road, causing it to become stuck straddling the median. When the officer stopped to investigate, Joel Arenas Lazalde exited the car and walked back to the patrol car unsteadily, according to a police report.

Lazalde slurred his speech and used the patrol car to support himself while attempting to explain the situation, the report said.

Lazalde told the officer he drove onto the median to avoid being struck by another vehicle. However, the officer noticed that Lazalde had turned off Jimmy Carter Boulevard so early that he would have driven onto the wrong side of Live Oak Road before striking the median.

Lazalde allegedly admitted having consumed more than two beers. He was charged with DUI, driving on the wrong side of the road and driving without a license.

Man charged in scuffle with police

NORCROSS - A Norcross man was arrested Monday after getting in a fight with police at an apartment on Quail Lake Village Lane.

Police arrived at 1:12 a.m. to investigate a domestic dispute with Christopher James Gibbs, 19, and his girlfriend. Gibbs apparently became angry when he accidentally cut himself on a sharp object that his girlfriend asked him to retrieve from the sofa.

The couple started arguing and Gibbs allegedly grabbed his girlfriend across the throat. When officers arrived, Gibbs attempted to shove his way past them and leave, according to a police report. He then began scuffling with the officer to avoid being arrested, the report said.

Police tried to deploy a Taser to subdue him, but the weapon malfunctioned. Eventually the officers were able to overpower Gibbs. He told police he had taken 15 Tylenol prior to their arrival and he didn't feel anything they were doing to him.

Gibbs was charged with battery and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

Man accused of choking ex-girlfriend

DULUTH - A 31-year-old Suwanee man was arrested Sunday in connection with the choking of his son's mother during a child support dispute.

Dexter Fletcher brought his ex-girlfriend some money for their son about 9 p.m. at The Gable apartments on Woodiron Drive in Duluth. An argument ensued, and the victim ran away toward her home.

Fletcher allegedly chased her, causing the woman to fall. He then got on top of his ex-girlfriend and grabbed her by the collar of her jacket, shaking and choking her, according to the police report.

The victim was able to break free and call police. Upon questioning, Dexter admitted chasing the victim and grabbing her by the collar, but he said the argument escalated because she had thrown water on him.

Fletcher was charged with battery.

- From staff reports