Man charged with slamming puppy into wall

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A 24-year-old Lawrenceville man was arrested Tuesday and charged with throwing a puppy against a wall at Summit at Sweetwater apartments off Sweetwater Road.

Derrick Anton Martin became angry at his wife for slapping their Rottweiler puppy to discipline it for chewing on one of her shoes, according to a police report. He pushed over a book case and pushed his wife down on the bed, the report said.

When the wife told Martin she was leaving, he allegedly picked up the Maltese puppy and threw it against the wall. An officer who came to investigate found the puppy lying on a mattress where it had fallen after striking the wall.

It was shaking as if having a seizure and it had defecated on the mattress. The dog was taken to Animal Emergency Center of Gwinnett for treatment. When questioned by police, Martin admitted he threw the dog, but said he didn't mean to do it.

He was charged with criminal trespass and cruelty to animals.

Woman receives road rage threat

•DACULA - A Dacula woman was threatened at her child's day care center Tuesday following a road rage incident on Harbins Road near Ace McMillian Road.

The woman was driving at 5:30 p.m. when she noticed a white Ford Explorer tailgating her vehicle. The woman tapped her brakes a few times to get the Explorer to back off. However, the other motorist skirted around her car and stopped in front of it, according to a police report.

The driver then got out and walked up to her car asking "Do you have a problem?" the report said.

After the, suspect got back into the Explorer, he drove into the Great Beginnings Day Care Center at 1271 Harbins Road - the same location where the victim was headed. She tried to avoid him, but the suspect noticed her and walked over.

He reportedly said, "You're lucky I didn't have my gun on me or you would be dead." The suspect is described only as a black male on the police report.

- From staff reports