Authorities searching for Statham man in robbery

STATHAM - A Statham man is wanted in connection with a robbery after he allegedly shoved a store manager to the ground while trying to escape police.

Guy Jamar Butler, 23, was allegedly trying to steal some T-shirts, underwear and a stick of deodorant from the Dollar General at 2077 Atlanta Highway about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, said Sgt. Thomas Hinson, spokesman for the Statham Police Department.

The female store manager called 911, Hinson said, then tried to detain Butler inside the store until police got there. She sustained minor cuts and bruises when Butler allegedly shoved her to the ground as police were coming.

He escaped on a bicycle, Hinson said.

"It would have been a minor shoplifting offense if not for the force used against the manager," Hinson said. "Not to be smart alecky, but if we knew where he was, he'd be in jail right now."

Statham police officers and Barrow County deputies chased Butler but lost him in a nearby neighborhood, Hinson said.

He said the department has looked for Butler at his last known address, but he is laying low. He is charged with robbery, obstruction of an officer and two counts of simple battery.

Butler, a black man, is about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 160 pounds.

Anyone with information about his location is asked to call the Statham Police Department at 770-725-5992.