Relief in sight for Peachtree Industrial traffic

LAWRENCEVILLE - Peachtree Corners traffic could soon be a little freer - for drivers and bike-riders.

Just as work is wrapping up on a bicycle lane along Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Gwinnett County agreed to a project to connect traffic lights along the route.

Some of the signals on Peachtree Parkway have already been linked, Gwinnett Transportation Director Brian Allen said.

"I'm sure people who sit in the traffic everyday thinks it's one of the worst areas," he said. "It's certainly one of the ones that need attention. ... We can't fix it overnight, but this is part of the overall plan."

The project calls for the installation of cameras and fiber-optic cables to allow crews to adjust the lights to help traffic flow. Eventually, the county hopes to be able to change the signal timing from the DOT office in Lawrenceville.

"Coming through Duluth, it really slows down," said Peachtree Corners resident Andrea Perkins. "I can see where that would be really helpful."

Perkins said she's noticed the bike lanes, which are now open to traffic from Holcomb Bridge Road to North Berkeley Lake Road, but has not yet seen anyone using them.

The city of Duluth has plans to extend the lanes the Rogers Bridge Road and then along that road to the Chattahoochee River.

Perkins said any work to improve traffic - either with cars or bikes - would be welcome to the community.

"Hopefully they could have flow where the major arteries are," she said. "If it could move people through there faster it would be nice."

The new equipment being installed by World Fiber Technologies Inc. will run along Peachtree Industrial Boulevard from Holcomb Bridge Road to Rogers Bridge Road, according to the agreement with the state OK'd by commissioners Tuesday. Construction of the $1.26 million project is expected to take 18 months.

The automated traffic management system is being funded by the sales tax program.