Man allegedly threatens neighbors

•BUFORD - A Buford man irate over a break-in at his Hartford Run apartment on Monday allegedly threatened several of his neighbors with a rifle and posted menacing notes on his door.

Matthew L. Berg, 36, pointed an assault rifle at people and used two golf clubs to break windows in a neighboring apartment, according to a police report. Berg also left notes on his door stating he would kill whoever was responsible for a fire the previous day in an adjacent apartment and a burglary in his residence, the report said.

The burglar stole a Purple Heart medal belonging to Berg's grandfather.

When officers arrived, Berg allegedly admitted to the neighbors' accusations. Berg said he didn't know why he was acting so violent, but he just wanted everyone to know he "meant business," the report said. Berg was charged with terroristic threats and criminal trespass.

Woman charged after naked chase

•DULUTH - A 36-year-old Duluth woman was arrested on Monday after chasing her boyfriend around Prescott Apartments without any clothes on, according to police reports.

The boyfriend told police that Cecilia Masci found out he was seeing another woman and became upset. She started breaking things inside the apartment and then chased the boyfriend outside although she was naked, the report said.

Police arrived to find Masci screaming and sitting on the floor inside her apartment. She told officers she chased her boyfriend because she was mad and she was trying to get a telephone number from him. Masci said she was naked because she had just gotten out of the shower.

Masci was charged with disorderly conduct.

Duluth man allegedly swallows antifreeze

•DULUTH - A Duluth man was arrested last week after he allegedly swallowed 16 ounces of antifreeze and then fought with police and emergency responders who were trying to help him.

Stuart Doig, 36, was lying on the floor surrounded by several beer cans at his Forest Knoll Drive home when police arrived at 12:30 a.m. on Feb. 4. He awoke when his wife began shaking him and ordered police to get out of his house.

When asked if he drank antifreeze, Doig replied, "Yeah I did. Why do you care?" Doig said he didn't want to live anymore because he was still drinking and his wife was always nagging him, the report stated.

He refused to allow himself to be evaluated by medical personnel, even though paramedics told him the antifreeze would start eating him from the inside out. Doig reportedly replied, "How long will that take?"

Finally police had to push Doig to the floor to handcuff him and strap his legs to the stretcher because he would not be still. Doig was hospitalized and then taken to jail on charges of disorderly conduct, obstructing law enforcement and hindering firefighters.

- From staff reports