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Letters to the Editor

Funeral filled with disgraceful conduct

Only the likes of President Carter and the Rev. Joseph Lowery could have turned what was otherwise a joyous tribute to the life of Coretta Scott King into a race-baiting political rally.

It was particularly ironic that Carter would sarcastically refer to President Bush's wiretapping when he was only a few feet away from the brother (Sen. Edward Kennedy) of the person (Robert Kennedy) who ordered the wiretapping of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Carter's suggestion that the federal response to Katrina was racially motivated because it hurt blacks the most was particularly insidious because Katrina was an equal opportunity victim maker. It ignores that the first responder, the black mayor of New Orleans, was so inept the city would have been better off had he abandoned it the day before Katrina came ashore.

Lowery chimed in that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (not true) and that the money would be better spent on the poor - his cradle to the grave idea of governmental responsibility that got a great audience response.

President Bush responded by embracing Lowery and in his remarks made glowing comments about the legacy of Coretta Scott King.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson was not invited to speak, possibly because of his remark the day before the funeral in which he wondered why Bush was going to attend the funeral.

The funeral should have been kept as a well-deserved tribute to the legacy of Coretta Scott King rather than an exhibition of disgraceful conduct on the part of a few lesser lights whose saving grace is that their leadership has no place to go but up.

- Jay Wagner

Stone Mountain

Next time, how about we not invite them?

Coretta Scott King's funeral was planned as an important and dignified event for a gracious woman. She lay in state at the Capitol of Georgia. In her honor, schools in DeKalb had the day off. Impressively, the president came. Oprah Winfrey came.

But since when is it appropriate to criticize a guest at a funeral? Since when are the politically explosive topics of weapons of mass destruction and Hurricane Katrina appropriate at a funeral?

King would have been embarrassed at what went on at her funeral today. She had far more class than President Carter, Sen. Hillary Clinton and especially the Rev. Joseph Lowery. I'm sure they are all patting themselves on the back for taking their shot at point-blank range. At least now we know who not to invite next time.

- Mary Estes


Lowery, Carter have shamed themselves

The Rev. Joseph Lowery and President Carter ought to be ashamed of themselves for taking their cheap shots at the president at Coretta Scott King's funeral.

It's bad enough that they lay their baseless claims at the feet of a wartime president, but to do it in a public arena for nothing more than political gratification is downright embarrassing.

King was a woman of grace, and we would never have caught her acting as such. These two pretenders should be ridiculed for all to see the phonies that they are.

Lowery and Carter have disgraced Georgians and Americans alike.

- John Reed


Comments disrespect Coretta King's memory

Coretta Scott King was not a politician. She was a classy, graceful lady who was married to a great man. I don't know about y'all, but my mouth was agape at the rantings and ravings of Democrats who attended her service.

It was disrespectful to her memory. A disgrace to all Americans, her funeral being used as a Democratic rally. Shame on all of you.

- Debi Ortagus

Sugar Hill