Resolutions from people who make the news and those who report it

• To help more people realize the value a daily newspaper brings to their lives.

- JK Murphy

Daily Post publisher

• I will water all my container plants before they wilt.

I will stop believing I can have one of every plant in the world.

I will always know where my hand clippers are.

I will stop taking my gardening gloves off and leaving them in the flower beds.

I will plant more bulbs and pull more weeds.

- Dora Fleming,

Daily Post gardening


• I have two brand new resolutions never used or promised before. This first is a strong, serious focus on my career, including the writing of a new book. Secondly, I'm putting my foot down on special big favors and saying "no." That means that I won't be getting autographed NASCAR memorabilia on a regular basis for folks and my family is going to have to find their own 50-yard line tickets for sold-out ballgames.

- Ronda Rich,

author and

Daily Post columnist

• I will put my new Gold's Gym membership to good use - more than once a week - and for longer than the first few months of my one-year contract.

- Judy Green,

Daily Post county editor

• My New Year's resolution is to get my deputies' pay back equal to the county police pay.

- Butch Conway,

Gwinnett County sheriff

• I never made a New Year's resolution in my 64 years, and I don't intend to start.

- U.S. Rep. John Linder,


• To take my two weeks vacation and spend some time at the beach.

- Connie Wiggins,

executive director of Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful

• I want to exercise for my health; Get a design for our Living Memorial; go on one restful short vacation to the mountains with a babbling brook running right next to me.

- Shirley Lasseter,

Duluth mayor

• To stay on the editorial page and off the obituary page in 2007.

To make sure that the 40 pounds I lost in '06 don't find me again in '07.

To refrain from criticizing Jimmy Carter, Georgia Tech or Cynthia McKinney - unless they just make me.

To be a much more obnoxious college football fan. I got way too humble during October.

- Darrell Huckaby,

author and

Daily Post columnist

• I have been working on so many different novels and short stories over the years that I never seem to finish any of them. I've often joked that one day I would publish "The Complete, Unfinished Works of Nate McCullough." This year I intend to focus on just one and finish it. Then the next hurdle is getting it published.

- Nate McCullough,

Daily Post copy desk chief

and columnist

• My New Year's resolution is to book a band that rocks for the summer of 2007 at Gwinnett's favorite outside concert venue - Suwanee Town Center Park.

- Nick Masino,

Suwanee mayor

• Get the Brain Train on track to start solving Atlanta's traffic congestion.

Continue turning Lawrenceville into a hometown Gwinnett can be proud of.

Continue to keep Gwinnett Village on track to be the greatest multi-ethnic live, work and play community in the country.

Create the Medici Center at City Hall East.

Take my wife and seven daughters to Alaska.

Lose another 20 pounds.

- Emory Morsberger,

developer involved

in Lawrenceville


• If my personal reading-for-leisure time is satisfying, the professional side of my brain works better. Therefore, in the coming year I am determined to focus on reading more for fun! I hope to finish a fantastic book that I've been working on for several years, "Word and Phrase Origins." I will also finish every single Agatha Christie mystery (they're all perfect gems!) and find at least four new authors whose work totally captivates me. And I won't limit it to just four.

- Holley Calmes,

Daily Post arts columnist

• To get more people to write letters to the editor.

- Todd Cline,

Daily Post editor

• I hereby resolve, in 2007, to be more sensitive toward other people's political ideologies, religious beliefs, and team loyalties. Please note that today's column is not covered by this resolution. I further resolve to take my children to more cultural events and fewer ballgames this year. Hockey, since it doesn't use a ball and comes from Canada, is technically classified as a cultural event. And finally, I resolve to suppress my animosity toward people who attempt to ban my kids' favorite books. After all, they're clearly in the power of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and can't help themselves.

- Rob Jenkins,

Daily Post columnist

• I resolve to keep Democrats thinking I am Republican, and Republicans positive that I am a Democrat. Life is more fun that way.

I resolve to continue to make Georgia Tech my third favorite team on earth. (UGA is first, of course. Anybody playing Tech is second.)

I resolve to see that when Hollywood does the Clint Eastwood story, Butch Conway plays the lead.

I resolve not to take myself or my opinions too seriously. I will let the readers do that.

I resolve to use my blinker lights when I change lanes, which will make me a minority of one.

I resolve to buy a bunch of useless swamp land in Florida and get a big tax break for my troubles. (Wait. I think somebody has already done that.).

- Dick Yarbrough,

syndicated columnist

• My only resolution is to resolve to make your neighborhoods safer and more attractive in Lawrenceville the coming year and in years to come. The only other one would be for me to survive the next year.

- Rex Millsaps,

Lawrenceville mayor

• Everyone knows I love to play with words and resolution does not escape me.

The word can be read as "re-solution." A solution is an answer to a problem. "Re" means to do something again. So, in the coming year, if I have a problem, I'm going to think back to recall if I already have a solution for it (when you get to be my age, it's easy to forget.)

If I have one, then I'll reuse it. I think this is known as learning from experience. And maybe if more of us did more of that, we wouldn't have to mess with


- Susan Larson, Daily Post lifestyle


• I resolve to exercise more and save more money and, as the Girl Scouts taught me, make new friends and keep the old.

- Camie Young,

Daily Post

senior writer

• In 2007, my desire is to spend more time with my wife and on the things that

really matter.

- Jock Connell, Gwinnett County administrator

• I don't normally make New Year's resolutions, but next year I'll continue my efforts with exercise and diet.

- Charles Bannister,

Gwinnett Board

of Commissioners chairman

• This year I resolve to create world peace and lose 10 pounds. Yes, yes, I know I've tried before and failed, but I'm convinced 2007 is the the year for me to triumph over doughnuts and nuclear weapons.

- Lisa McLeod,

lifestyle columnist

• I resolve to vigorously support the Gwinnett Chamber led Partnership through its implementation phase in 2007 and to continue to support efforts to reduce congestion in our county, our region, and our state with opportunities like the Brain Train.

- Wayne Shackelford,

chairman of Gwinnett

Chamber of Commerce

board of directors

• "For me, I just want to have another good healthy year. Last year, me and my family had some health issues, so I'd just like to have a healthy new year.

- Mike Allison,

South Gwinnett

girls basketbll coach:

• "My New Year's resolution is to try and stay out of the people at Brookwood's hair and try to spend more time with my family, my wife. I guess try to be a little less intense, if possible. I'm just looking forward to the next adventure in life."

- Dave Hunter,

recently retired athletic

director and longtime

Brookwood football coach

• "My resolution is to do less officiating. I'm going to let the referees call the games themselves and not try to help them out so much."

- Gerald Arnold, Peachtree Ridge boys basketball coach

• "For 2007, my New Year's resolutions include letting the coaches, fine arts directors, club sponsors and community school directors know how much their hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated. Another one is thanking our students for their continued pursuit of excellence, both academically and in extracurricular activities, as well as expressing gratitude to all of the parents whose support of their students is so vital to the success of all our programs."

- Mike Emery,

director of athletics,

activities and community schools for GCPS

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