Woman claims she was victim of curse

•WINDER - On Dec. 6, a Monroe woman told a sheriff's deputy that she was the victim of a curse placed upon her by her ex-husband's girlfriend.

The woman said her chest felt hot and she had sharp, stabbing pains all over her. When trying to sleep at night, she felt a presence hovering over her that made a loud humming sound, she told the deputy.

The woman told the deputy that the girlfriend worked with a local fortune teller to place the curse on her.

No action was taken on the case.

Woman: Roommate took layaway items

•WINDER - On Dec. 5, a woman told a sheriff's deputy that her ex-roommate had redeemed her lay-away items from Wal-Mart.

The woman said she had paid $121.53 on the items. She alleged that the ex-roommate paid the remaining $86, then returned the items for $207.53 cash.

No charges were filed.

Phone call frightens woman

•STATHAM - A woman allegedly got a phone call Dec. 4 asking her to give a reference for her ex-husband.

The caller ID showed up as a private call and she hung up.

The woman called the Sheriff's Department. When a deputy arrived, she reported that she had left her husband five years earlier without telling him where she was going. She told the deputy that she was afraid he had located her.


Woman gets attached to furnishings

•DULUTH - A manager at the Quality Inn in Duluth told police Monday a hotel guest stole items from a room before leaving.

According to a police report, hotel employees noticed several items, including bed sheets, pillows, a mattress pad, a television cable box and a hair dryer, missing from the room after a Lawrenceville woman checked out.

The manager told police the woman stayed at the hotel for three nights before checking out Christmas Day.

Man robbed, beaten at home

•NORCROSS - Police continue to look for two men who a Norcross man said beat and robbed him inside his home Tuesday.

According to a police report, two black men began banging on the 22-year-old victim's apartment door and entered the residence when he opened the door.

The victim told police one of the men hit him in the head with a pistol and dragged him into the bathroom, restraining him and taking nearly $6,000 and a digital camera from his home.

The victim suffered injuries that were not life-threatening.

- From staff reports