Packages burned in local fire

LAWRENCEVILLE - A fire at a local shipping center on Christmas eve set several packages ablaze.

"Some packages did catch on fire, but we don't know if they were Christmas packages," said Lt. Craig Stanley, spokesman for the Gwinnett County Fire Department.

The fire, at Lawrenceville's Pak Mail at 1475 Buford Drive, began after midnight on Sunday, Stanley said. It was put out by 1:30 a.m.

Stanley said the center was closed at the time of the blaze, and no one was injured but about six packages were destroyed. The fire started in a paper shredder, but Stanley said its cause was unknown.

A passer-by called the fire department after seeing smoke outside the building, Stanley said. Firefighters used a thermal imager to find the source of the smoke.

Kelly Services, which is located next door, had minor smoke and water damage, while another store also had water damage, Stanley said. In Pak Mail, the damage was contained to a work bench, a wall shelf that contained the packages and the attic.