Volunteers, community work hard all year to provide for foster children

'Twas the night before Christmas and all cross the land

There were citizens everywhere lending a hand.

Buying that gift for a child who's in need

Or cooking a meal, or other good deeds.

Not only at Christmas but throughout the year,

People helping each other and spreading good cheer.

The Foster Children's Foundation would like to thank the Gwinnett Daily Post, the Gwinnett Coalition and the CEO Roundtable for Nonprofits for running the "People Helping People" column. This column makes it possible to bring awareness to local residents about the needs right here at home and the ways people can help the less fortunate in our community.

The Foster Children's Foundation is blessed to have a wonderful family of volunteers who work hard throughout the year to make a difference in the lives of children in foster care. These volunteers truly give of their time, talent and dollars to make life better for children in need. Thanks to you, the Foster Children's Foundation is able to serve local foster children in need.

During this holiday season, we would also like to send our sincere thanks to the many foster and adoptive parents who welcome these children into their homes to become part of their family and provide them with a safe and loving environment.

Christmas Eve wish

of a foster child

To a child who is feeling alone on this night

The wonder of Christmas will help to make bright

The thoughts of her future, she knows will be better

She knows cause she put it in Santa's letter.

"Dear Santa, I know that you have in your sack

A way to bring brother and my mommy back.

I know that the elves are preparing the toys

And making them perfect for good girls and boys.

My mom isn't well, sir, and needs your advice

On how to fix daddy so he will be nice.

It's not that he's mean, he just gets too mad.

I wish he would stop, 'cause I sure love my dad.

My brother he needs me, 'cause I do a lot.

When he puts on his shoes, I untie the knot.

I read him a story when he goes to bed

So he won't think of things that my mommy has said.

Dear Santa, do you know how many children there are

Who aren't home for Christmas but wish from afar,

That things would be better and they could go home

And be with their family and not feel alone?

My foster mom says that someday we'll go home.

Until then she'll never leave us alone.

In the meantime she'll love us and teach us what's right.

Thank goodness I have her this Christmas Eve night."

To become involved, call us at 770-623-6135, e-mail info@fosterchildrensfoundation.org or visit www.fosterchildrensfoundation.org. To make a donation, make checks payable to Foster Children's Foundation and mail to P.O. Box 2469, Duluth, GA 30096.

"People Helping People" is a weekly column written by the executive directors of nonprofit organizations in Gwinnett County. Today's article was written by Suzanne Geske of the Foster Children's Foundation.

Need help or know someone who does? The Gwinnett Helpline directs callers to the appropriate nonprofit agency. Call 770-995-3339.