Berkeley Lake closer to City Hall construction

BERKELEY LAKE - City Council members heard a summary presentation by Urban Collage's Eric Bosman. Urban Collage is the firm the Berkeley Lake and several other Gwinnett cities employed to facilitate the project in its planning stages.

The summary and accompanying document provided by Urban Collage outlined the space and functionality needs for the new City Hall. The document also outlined the pros and cons of the three sites being considered for the site.

Bosman detailed the next steps in the planning process, including choosing the best site for the building, choosing an architect or design firm and setting budgets and schedules.

Bosman also estimated a reasonable design period of three months and an additional nine months to complete the necessary steps to bring the project to a point that construction can begin - early 2008. The projected construction cost for the new facility is $675,000.

Parking ordinance

decision postponed

A second reading of the city's proposed traffic control and on-street parking ordinance was scheduled for Thursday night's council meeting, but Councilman Walter Anderson said there was a lack of consensus on key points, including posted signage and enforcement of the city ordinance.

Council members voted to postpone a second reading until these issues can be finalized.

2007 budget decision


Council members voted to postpone passing the city's 2007 budget until questions could be answered about certain line items.

Several council members, including George Sipe, did not feel that the $88,000 budgeted for police next year was enough. Mayor Lois Salter made the adjustment based on projected income and expenses but was not present to field questions about the change.

Councilman Bernie Cohen had questions about $24,000 budgeted for stormwater measurement, testing and reporting costs. Berkeley Lake has opted out of Gwinnett county's stormwater utility assessment and therefore must perform these duties independently.

According to Cohen, the city has already been preparing periodic stormwater reports for much less money.

The 2007 budget will be considered again at the January council meeting.