Sugar Hill approves $23 million budget

SUGAR HILL - City Councilmen passed a $23 million balanced budget for 2007 in a called meeting Wednesday.

The budget allows for a number of parks, sidewalk construction and road improvements totaling about $8 million, and a new city department and employee.

Among its highlights are:

•Initial engineering for West Broad Street improvements: $170,000

•Initial engineering and development of the planned 49-acre park on Austin Garner Road: $400,000

•E. E. Robinson Park expansion and improvements that include new playgrounds and work to re-sod and level the ball fields: $100,000

•Road improvements: $400,000

•Establishment of a new storm water department: $300,000

•New employee for the street department: $40,000

•Sidewalk construction in conjunction with the state of Georgia for 1.2 miles of sidewalk along Railroad Avenue (1/4 mile should be completed in 2007): $250,000

•Sidewalk construction on Craig Drive and Creek Lane funded by a Community Development Block Grant: $80,000

Sugar Hill's largest expenditure in 2007 will be on natural gas at $8.5 million. Natural gas is also projected to be the city's biggest revenue producer, expected to bring $9 million to Sugar Hill in 2007.

Money is also budgeted for a 2007 project in which a second take-point for natural gas is being established on Suwanee Dam Road. The second take-point will serve as a back-up line to secure gas in case the city's primary take-point fails.