Barrow BOE unveils Apalachee additions

WINDER - The public got its first look at planned additions for Apalachee High School at Thursday's school board meeting.

Six-year-old Apalachee High School has 55 classrooms serving about 1,500 students. When additions are completed in fall 2008, the school will house 90 classrooms, many already designated for science classes. Apalachee students and faculty will get additions in the drama department, administrative area, physical education, a cafeteria addition and more parking. The approximately 160,000-square-foot school will grow by another 60,000 square feet, according to Jake Grant, facilities manager.

The new design also breaks up a jam in the center of the school that occurs when classes change.

"It will increase the circulation for students so they won't all have to go through a central crossing," Grant said. "It uncomplicates how they go to class."

The board expects to bid the plan in April.

Winder-Barrow High School renovations are on track. The kitchen should be completed in August 2007 and students can expect to move into their new classrooms and gymnasium in November 2007. All renovations should be finished on the 30-year-old school by summer 2008.