School Police Briefs

Pellet gun found on school bus

•NORCROSS - A Summerour Middle School student was found Monday on a school bus with a "very realistic 'air soft' reproduction of a Glock" in his book bag, according to a Gwinnett County School Police report.

The bus driver overheard some students talking about a student with a gun in his book bag, so she stopped the school bus. After finding the pellet gun, she took it and called the school police.

School police found the gun loaded with pellets in the clip and chamber.

"The (student) could not provide a plausible explanation for why he had the gun in his book bag," the report states.

Police charged the student with a juvenile complaint and released him to the custody of his father. The student will go before a disciplinary panel for disruption of a bus and possession of a pellet gun, school officials said.

Student allegedly pulls knife on 2 people

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A Creekland Middle School student who brought a knife with a blade more than two inches long reportedly put the knife to the throat of two people in a school bathroom.

Both victims told police all three were in the bathroom on Nov. 13 when the student with the knife approached them from behind and put the knife to the front of their throats, a Gwinnett County School Police report states. It is unclear if the victims are students.

The student with the knife "stated she put the knife to the throat of victim (No.) 1 and then victim (No.) 2 but that she was just kidding around," the report states.

The student with the knife was charged with possession of a weapon and reckless conduct and taken to a disciplinary panel, school officials said.

Fight on school bus disrupts route

•DULUTH - Three Duluth High School students were recently involved in a fight on a school bus.

An assistant principal at the school told Gwinnett County school police two female students assaulted another student Nov. 10 on the bus after school.

"It was reported that the two female students teamed up and punched and kicked the one female student in the face and head several times until the bus supervisor responded to the scene and later returned the bus to school," the police report states.

All three students went before a disciplinary panel for fighting and disruption on a school bus, school officials said.

Teacher discovers beating in bathroom

•HOSCHTON - A teacher at Mill Creek High School recently witnessed a gang ritual in which a student consents to a beating to leave a gang, according to a Gwinnett County School Police report.

The student who wanted to leave the gang was blindfolded with a black bandanna, spun around, forced to the ground, where other gang members hit, punched and kicked him. The gang members identified themselves as GD, "which is the gangster disciples set of the folk nation," the report states.

The students involved in the Oct. 25 gang 'beat out were brought before a student disciplinary panel, and "the members most involved have been reassigned to other, more structured, school environments for the remainder of the school year and beyond," the report states. One student returned to Mill Creek High because the panel judged the student to be least involved in the incident. Neither the student who was beaten nor his family pressed charges. He did not suffer visible injuries, school officials said.

- From staff reports