Letters to the Editor

Conservatives' vocal nature makes them vulnerable to criticism from the left When I first read George Morin's letter to the editor on Nov. 29, my first impulse was to vehemently disagree with him. I've changed my mind.

Morin decried columnist Bill O'Reilly's sometimes extreme "attack dog" rhetoric. Of course the extremity of one's rhetoric depends on whether you agree with their political stance. In criticizing extreme conservative speech perhaps Morin forgets about loud-mouth attack-liberals like Michael Moore, Al Franken, Barbra Streisand, Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, Cornel West and Al Sharpton among myriad other vocal liberals. Mr. Morin, don't these liberals likewise employ the "attack dog" rhetoric you criticize?

However, I do agree with Morin that conservatives are often more vocal than liberals. You see, most liberals are more inclined to believe that government is in charge and should take care of all of our needs while conservatives are much more likely to be independent-minded and less likely to expect Uncle Sam to take care of all our wants. Most liberals have become robots to the Democratic Party while conservatives are more likely to be individualists demanding individual freedoms.

I strongly believe that since the media has a leftward tilt that conservatives are presented as extremists while liberals are presented as mainstream moderates.

- Ernest Wade

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