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Man found dead at Duluth apartment complex April 19, 2014

With a handful of heat-related football deaths and illnesses seemingly on the front page each year, the Georgia High School Association Executive Committee has decided to take action.

At the committee's biannual meeting at the Crowne Plaza in Macon on Monday, the most important issue on the table was the health of the state's football players.

"We passed some recommendations concerning the heat," said committee member Dave Hunter. "There will be a mandate that each school has to have a policy in place to practice. And the state mandated that each school will have to have a heat-index device on the field."

Though it appears it probably won't be an all-encompassing rule on what is too hot to practice and what isn't. There won't be a set temperature that is deemed too


"There wasn't a particular number," Hunter said. "The individual schools will have to file a report with what their plan is."

Two more topics up for discussion were a proposal to go back to four classifications and adding a 3,200 meter run at the state track and field meet.

"Reclassification is a little bit away," Hunter said. "There was some discussion about that, but we're just starting a new cycle right now ... so we'll take all that under advisement in the future. There was some talk of restructuring."

As for the 3,200 meter run?

"Next year we're going to have it in the region meets but not the state meet," Hunter said. "It won't be scored and we'll see how it's perceived."