Judge to make Miranda ruling

CALHOUN - (AP) The judge in the case of a man accused of killing four people and abducting three young girls in northwest Georgia said Monday that he will review records before deciding whether the hospitalized defendant was advised properly of his rights before an an investigator questioned him.

Jerry Jones pleaded guilty in December to murdering Tom and Nola Blaylock, their daughter, Georgia Mae Bradley, and his 10-month-old daughter, Jerri Georgia Jones, in January 2004. He also faces charges of kidnapping in the abduction of Brittany Phelps, Brandy Jones and Tami Hope Peeler - the three surviving children of Melissa Peeler, his former girlfriend and Bradley's sister.

Agent James Harris of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations told Superior Court Judge Carey Nelson during a hearing involving sentencing for Jones that he was unsure how to interview a man who had shot off the lower portion of his face in a botched suicide attempt just before being apprehended.