New Town House crackers stand up to all kinds of dips

Town House


Town House has created a new snack cracker that comes with a raised ridge to help dips and topping from sliding off. The oval-shaped crackers are also a little crisper than traditional snack crackers, which sometimes crumble under the weight of heavy dips. The Toppers crackers are available in Original and Garlic & Herb flavors.

We found the crackers to be helpful for serving heavy or watery dips and toppings. On their own, though, the crackers lack the buttery flavor and flaky texture we love in Keebler's crackers. Keebler offers several recipes for cracker dips and toppings, visit www.keebler.com.

The suggested retail price is $3.49. Quaker 90-Calorie Chewy Granola Bars

The newest offerings from Quaker are portion-controlled granola bars weighing in at just 90 calories a pop. Coming in favorite flavors like Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin and Honey Nut, the bars make a better snack option than a candy bar. The granola bars contain 2 grams of fat, including 1⁄2 gram of saturated fat and no trans fats.

The lower-calorie granola bars taste just as yummy as the regular Quaker Chewy bars, and are a quick and easy snack solution. Just keep in mind, nutritionists say granola bars, while better for you than cookies or candy bars, aren't a nutritional powerhouse. These bars have 7 grams of sugar and just 1 gram each of fiber and protein.

The suggested retail price is $2.99 for a box of 10 bars.



Plum Juice

Sunsweet has introduced a new beverage made of 100 percent plum juice. The tart-tasting juice provides a combination of nutrients that help keep your digestive system healthy and in balance. Along with the fiber, magnesium and potassium that come naturally with plums, Sunsweet has added in chicory root for extra fiber and ginger and chamomile to help sooth the stomach.

Now, prune juice has been around for quite some time, and we all know prunes are just dried plums. But Sunsweet extracts the juice from ripe plums, rather than drying them first, for this ruby-red drink. Sunsweet touts the juice as a way to keep your system, ahem, "regular." We won't comment on that aspect, but the juice certainly tastes good.

The suggested retail price is $3.99 for a 48-ounce bottle.

- Compiled by staff writer Shelley Mann