Letters to the Editor

The following letters are in response to "Today's teens ought to know better, but don't" (Aug. 11) by Nate McCullough.

Teens' foul language is disrespectful All I can say is "Amen!"

Hearing the foul language from the young people today is so disconcerting. It feels so disrespectful, but you shed some light on the subject that I hadn't thought about - that they aren't taught any better.

When I raised my sons, I tried to emphasize when it is appropriate to say certain things and when it is inappropriate. As adult men today, they reflect that training, much like you indicated that you reflect yours.

If I didn't know better, I'd swear you are my son, as he and I had the same situation recently, when he said one of those "inappropriate" words in a conversation with me. He, too, apologized and I, too, don't "wash his mouth out" anymore.

I really enjoyed and appreciated your column.

- Rose Taylor

(Momma of two

adult sons)


Getting tired of the F-word

I am a 52-year-old grandmother who everyone who knows me or is around me for any time at all knows not to swear around me. I don't like it, and luckily, they control their language around me, at least most of the time, and I really appreciate it.

I found your article so refreshing. Everyone has sworn sometime or another, even me (ha). But there are certain words that I find absolutely abhorrent. The F- word is definitely one of them. I, too, find so many of today's youths using that word as if it is a normal part of the English language. And yes, I agree it is because of the movies, games, etc. that they are into these days. Plus I find some talk like that because it's exactly how their parents talk.

Sometimes I wonder what will become of this world with idiots like these leading it. It really scares me. Hopefully the few who have been raised right and taught manners will overcome them. So here's to you for having grown into an intelligent young man and here's to your mama, who has helped you find your way. May God grant us more like your mama.

- Denise Peters


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