Loganville looks at massage parlor ordinance

LOGANVILLE - The second reading of a massage parlor ordinance was listed as an item for discussion on Loganville's Thursday night city council meeting agenda.

Councilman Jerry Price asked that the item be tabled for a period not to exceed 60 days so that the city attorney and others could review and consider the state law regarding such business establishments. Price suggested that the city hold a special-called meeting before the 60-day period expires to lift the current moratorium and to re-visit the specifics of the city ordinance.

Some Loganville business owners have objected to the way the city ordinance is written, saying that it is too broad and hurts legitimate, desirable businesses.

Amy Woodward, who owns a local full-service salon, offers massage as a service to her clients. Woodward said that the Loganville ordinance states that only a man can provide massage services to a man, and woman can only provide the services to a woman.

"There is no way a man is going to let a man massage him. It's outside (his) comfort zone," Woodward said.

Woodward also said that, in her interpretation of the city ordinance, no child under 18 can enter her place of business as long as massages are offered to clients.

"I have a lot of clients who bring their children in for haircuts," Woodward said.

According to Price, the purpose of the Loganville ordinance is not to hurt legitimate businesses but to keep out undesirable "massage parlors."

Police sergeant honored

Loganville Police Chief Mike McHugh and Mayor Tim Barron recognized Sgt. Mike Lusk on Thursday night for his accomplishments as a Loganville narcotics officer.

Lusk has been with the city's police department for one year and has made several important drug arrests and seizures. Recently, Lusk was part of what McHugh called the biggest narcotics bust in Loganville, taking 31 pounds of marijuana off the streets.

"The Loganville police department is quickly getting a reputation as being one of the most diligent and professional in north Georgia," said Barron.