Letters to the Editor

GGC doesn't deserve one-sided attack I was thoroughly insulted by the blatant attack on Georgia Gwinnett College by Rob Jenkins ("Forget the mascot, GGC needs a slogan," Life & Leisure, Aug. 6).

Clearly his close association with Georgia Perimeter has clouded his judgment (Jenkins is an associate professor at the college), and I believe he has committed a great disservice to the readership of the Gwinnett Daily Post.

He chooses to attack GGC from every angle. It is a brand new school that hasn't even had its first day of classes and yet he is ready to tear it down. Low initial enrollment numbers? It's new and is now only accepting students with a certain number of transfer credits, which is going to decrease the initial potential pool of students.

I am going to be attending GGC this fall. I was forced to stop my college education four years ago when I moved from Kansas to Georgia. I have a full-time job and a house. Dropping everything and going downtown to school is not an option for me. Nor is shelling out $27,000 for an online degree. Now that there is a four-year college so close to me, I can finally finish my degree. This will mean great things for me.

So Jenkins wants a slogan? How about GGC: We can give you a bachelor's degree. That is something his precious GPC simply cannot do.

- Joanna B. Ortega


'Ask Amy' column worth keeping

I strongly disagree with the recent letter writer ("Too much gay coverage in column," Aug. 3, To the Editor) who urged you to drop Amy Dickinson's

column for one more like "Dear Abby."

The letter writer's main objection seemed to be that Dickinson devotes an inordinate amount of space to the problems of homosexuals or individuals struggling with gender-identification issues. The writer seems to think that there can't be enough people in your readership interested in those topics to warrant a column that addresses them.

Let me state that I have two relatives who are gay and their problems are important to me.

Dickinson's column is one of the first things I look for in the Gwinnett Daily Post. In my opinion, she is the best of the advice columnists. Please keep her.

- Robert L. Griffeth


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