Barrow adds 39 staffers to its payroll

WINDER - Barrow County has budgeted for 39 new staff positions this summer and expects to add a total of 124 staffers in the next two years just to keep up with current needs.

The results of a staffing and efficiency study, which were presented to the Barrow County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, indicated that the county is suffering because of a lack of workers, Deputy Administrator Michael Fischer said.

Commissioners approved a $311,853.65 budget amendment so the county could hire 39 employees to start June 1. The remaining positions - which include 55 spots for the new detention center - will be filled over the next two and a half years.

According to the study, the county's Animal Control Department is the only one fully staffed, Fischer said.

The new positions will allow for a new crew for the road department and help for Clerk of Courts Gloria Wall. Fischer said her office is among the ones that could most use the relief provided by additional help.

"There are several services that we have not been able to keep up to schedule," he said. "The stress level will go down. Some departments are barely hanging on. This will make a better work environment."

Fischer said the county will need to hire more personnel to improve its services. The staffing increase will only keep the county at its current expected level of service.