Auburn mayor considers run for county commission seat

AUBURN - Two Auburn elected officials have said they are not happy with their representation on the county's Board of Commissioners.

And both have talked about running for the District 5 seat, now held by David Dyer, which will be on the ballot in July.

But one has already ruled out the possibility for personal reasons, and the other has said he will not know for certain until he has further conversations with his family.

Councilwoman Dorissa Shackelford has been vocal in her claims that Dyer, who is serving his first term, does not represent the views of Auburn residents. She said the commissioner does a good job of thinking countywide, but doesn't care about Auburn's interest on a smaller scale.

"The city itself needs to be represented at the county level more than it is being," she said. "He's probably doing a great job globally."

But Shackelford, who has hinted that she would run against Dyer in the past, will not qualify for the post this week. She is still in probate over her husband's estate, and said it would not be fair to voters to run for the post while she was unsure about the outcome of that situation. Shackelford said she was also concerned about who would run for her council seat if she were to vacate it.

Harold Money, the city's mayor, is still considering a run for the county board. He, too, said Dyer's representation has not been in the best interest of Auburn. Dyer did not return a phone call seeking comment.

Money, who was hospitalized for several months following a car accident at the end of 2004, said he will have to talk to his family more before making a definitive decision about the race. He said he considers the post a challenge, and one that he's ready for.

"I think the people of Auburn need to be heard," he said. "I know I can handle that job. If anyone can handle the mayor's job in the city of Auburn, that job would be kind of easy."