Woman arrested after argument

•SUGAR HILL - A Lumpkin woman was arrested Sunday after she got into an argument with a police officer.

Marilynn Wells, 47, called 911 from E.E. Robinson Park at 578 Level Creek Road to report she was having car problems. She allegedly demanded a responding officer write a police report because her car wouldn't start. Wells was very upset, loud and boisterous when talking to the officer, according to a police report.

The officer told Wells there was no evidence of damage to her car and said a police report wasn't required just because her vehicle would not start. Wells reportedly threatened to sue the officer and continued to make a scene in front of other people who were at the park on Easter Sunday.

Wells was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct.

5 arrested on drug charges

•SOCIAL CIRCLE - Five people were arrested on drug-related charges over the weekend by Social Circle Police.

Officers who stopped a suspected shoplifter at an Ace Home Center store on Friday discovered 39-year-old Dwight David Royster possessed a large quantity of pills. A subsequent search of his vehicle and home resulted in the seizure of more than 300 prescription pills, $446 in cash and a Ford Ranger truck, said Chief Jeff Johnson.

Officers performing surveillance early Saturday behind a local business arrested two men, 22-year-old Cornelieus Hardge and 23-year-old J.C. Jefferson, on charges of smoking marijuana. In the same surveillance operation, officers witnessed a alleged drug sale on Elm Avenue and arrested two more men: Jerome Walker, 33, and Kenneth Wade, 45, of Social Circle

Police also seized a small amount of crack cocaine, almost two ounces of marijuana and $500 in cash in the last two arrests, Johnson said.

Woman charged with wielding stun gun in fight

•NORCROSS - A Tucker woman was arrested Sunday on charges she wielded a stun gun during a fight at The Reserve Apartments off Hunters Club Lane.

Officers found Rhondaique M. Henderson attempting to use a stun gun to fend off a group of about four people gathered. The officers ordered everyone to get on the ground and handcuffed them while trying to figure out what was going on.

The victims told police Henderson had become angry during an argument, so they asked her to leave. When the male resident went outside, Henderson allegedly attacked him with the stun gun.

The man dodged her and tried to take away the weapon, according to a police report. Three other people then became involved in attempting to calm Henderson down.

Police were walking Henderson to a separate area for questioning when she jerked away and kicked a woman who was lying on the ground in the side of the face, apparently causing her to have a seizure, according to the report.

Henderson was charged with battery and simple assault.

- From wire reports