First eBay auction a hit

LAWRENCEVILLE - The caller won't yell "sold," but by this afternoon, Gwinnett will make its first deal on the Internet.

The government is making its first foray onto eBay, the popular auction Web site that helps people buy everything from Jeff Francoeur bobble heads to runaway bride toast and the Barrow Ten Commandments display.

KellyAnn Davis of the county's fleet management division said a 1994 Acura once used by a police detective had already received a higher bid than the same make and model got at a public auction last year.

Plus, the listing fee of less than $50 per item is less than the 7.5 percent commission the county had to pay its auctioneer.

The county has a 1992 Ford Taurus on the site, and a 1993 Chevrolet Lumina will be added, Davis said. "We will always keep several up on the auction," she said. "But you have to constantly be watching it."

So far, the seller, named "gwinnettcountyboc," doesn't have a rating, but information on the cars' history is listed. People can come by the fleet management office to view the cars before they bid and have to pick it up within five days of the sale.

Davis said the county would still have a public auction every October to sell furniture, lawn equipment and autos that aren't in working condition.