Man won't be charged for killing carjacker

MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) - A grand jury has decided not to charge a Kennesaw man who shot and killed a carjacker who had kidnapped a woman.

Cobb County District Attorney Pat Head said Monday the grand jury, which met April 13, decided the circumstance behind the death of Brian O'Neil Clark did not merit any charges against Shawn Roberts.

''Basically, their conclusion was that the use of force was authorized and no further action should be taken,'' Head said.

Roberts followed Kimberly Boyd's SUV on Sept. 12 after Clark carjacked the woman. Clark crashed the vehicle, killing Boyd, and fled on foot with Roberts in pursuit.

When Clark turned and raised his gun at Roberts, Roberts fired his own gun, killing the other man.

Clark had carjacked Boyd and forced her to withdraw money at a nearby ATM. As he sped along a road, he reportedly shot the 30-year-old mother of two and shoved her into the back seat before crashing the vehicle into a concrete truck.

Clark was a convicted sex offender who also was suspected in a rape that occurred in Acworth the week before the carjacking. Soon after the Sept. 12 incident, the gun found at the crime scene was identified as the one stolen from the rape victim's home.

Boyd's husband, who mounted a legislative effort this year to strengthen Georgia laws on the release of convicted sex offenders, said he was ''delighted'' by the grand jury's decision.

''It's been a long time coming,'' Mike Boyd said. ''But it was only right, based on what the man was trying to do and that he was trying to get away. My only regret is that it didn't take place before the crash. Still, he saved the public from any further harm or injury.''

Because of the incident, major changes were made this year to Georgia law and procedures concerning sex offenders. A recently passed law imposes mandatory minimum 25-year sentences for violent sex offenders and lifetime GPS tracking for those determined by a professional board to be sexual predators.