Loganville police chief planning to build a firing range

LOGANVILLE - Police Chief Mike McHugh got the go-ahead Thursday night to continue researching and planning to build a firing range strictly for Loganville officers.

"Right now, we use the Sheriff Department's range, and scheduling is a problem," McHugh said.

The police chief went on to explain to Mayor Tim Barron and council members that Home Depot has already agreed to provide the building materials at no charge, and police officers have volunteered to donate their time and labor to construction of the facility.

"It'll take about 1 acre," said McHugh, but the site has not been chosen yet.

McHugh is to report back to the council members at May's meeting. In the meantime, the chief will keep City Manager Bill Jones updated on the search for the land and other issues concerning the project.

Loganville Cleanup campaign gets a green light

Councilman Chuck Bagley asked for his peers' approval in designating two weeks per year as Loganville Cleanup days, one week in April and another in October.

During these two weeks, homeowners can dispose of unwanted items such as furniture and other items they can not normally discard in trash pickup. "Other cities do this, and I think it's time we as a city do a better job of it," Barron said.

Gaither Park renovation a success

Councilman Austin Jones, charged with heading up the city's parks and greenspace committee, updated council members and the audience Thursday night on the Gaither Park renovation project.

Showing pictures of a new jungle gym, rock climbing wall, slides, new lighting and landscaping, Jones said, "It's coming together well, and we plan to continue renovation."

In fact, Jones has applied for an $8,800 grant that would pay for resurfacing the basketball courts.

"We've talked a lot last year and this year about increasing the number and quality of parks in the city, and we'll continue to do that," Barron said.