Lilburn puts limit on buildings' colors

LILBURN - Home and business owners can no longer go over the rainbow when choosing a paint color.

The Lilburn City Council on Monday passed an ordinance limiting the paint color choices for city homes and businesses.

"We have had some commercial buildings come in and paint their business bright yellow," council member Ken Swaim said. "That is not what we want in the Lilburn."

The color control ordinance will not only limit the colors new homes and business can be painted but also the colors current home and business owners can choose.

"We recognize that we will have to work out some issues on regulating existing structures," Mayor Jack Bolton said. "But we wanted to get something in place to regulate new construction."

The ordinance will include a color palette of earth-tone or non-vibrant colors for home and business owners to choose. If a current home is painted a color not on the palette, the color will be accepted; however, changing the color of a home to a color not on the palette would be prohibited in the ordinance.

"If a home is fire engine red, they will not be required to change it," Swaim said. "But if they have a white home and they want to paint it fire-engine red, that would be prohibited."

Once determined, the color palette will be included in the city newsletter and on the city's Web site.

"We will need to have a fairly aggressive education policy to get the word out," Bolton said.

Council approves electronic message board policy

The Lilburn Council also approved an official use policy for the city's new electronic message board located on the corner of Main Street and U.S. Highway 29.

Originally written to allow any nonprofit to advertise on the message board, the council decided to only allow city sponsored or co-sponsored events to appear on the message board.

"Nonprofit does not necessarily mean nonpolitical," Swaim said. "We don't want anything controversial up there."

Instead of judging content and thereby opening up a question about freedom of speech, the council decided to only allow city sponsored or co-sponsored events such as the Music on Main, Lilburn Daze or information about council meetings.

The sign will operate from 5:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. each day. The cycle will begin on Monday and run through the following Sunday.

In other business, the Lilburn City Council:

•announced that April 28 would be the city's Relay for Life rally in the city park.

• announced that April 29 will be Keep Lilburn Beautiful and will include park and area clean up and beautification.