Letters to the Editor

Silent now? Don't complain later

Most of us by now have seen the images of thousands of illegal aliens marching in our streets demanding rights historically reserved for citizens and legal residents.

Any nation that lets its immigration laws and policies be decided by illegal aliens is not and does not deserve to have national sovereignty. We will either defend our rights of U.S. citizenship or lose them. Or have our politicians already sold our birthright for political contributions and cheap votes?

Folks, the ball is in your court and our nation's future is actually on the political bargaining table. If you stay quiet, kiss your nation goodbye and go apologize to your children and grandchildren. And don't ever complain around me.

- Ernest Wade


Protests aren't civil rights marches

Just when I thought it could not get more ludicrous.

Illegal immigrants calling what they're doing in the streets "a civil rights march!"

There will be immigration reform. Spilling out into the streets every day will not stop it. Most do not want to be American citizens. They want status quo.

They are not going to jump through hoops to become legal. Instead illegals want to continue to make untaxed dollars, have anchor babies as well as receive government benefits.

Who do the Democrats and some Republicans think they are fooling? Not this gal. Give me a break.

- Debi Ortagus

Sugar Hill