Fire Department recruits

We give a thumbs up this week to the 16 recruits of the Gwinnett County Fire Training Academy.

For 16 weeks, the recruits learn what it takes to become a Gwinnett County firefighter.

The fire recruits will complete their training in four weeks, graduate and then become Gwinnett County firefighters.

We congratulate the following recruits:

•Johnathan Ballesteros

•Brian Cauddle

•Tyler Chatham

•Brian Teems

•John Ford

•Aaron Klinect

•Matt Tope

•Jordon Stancel

•Jeff Goalen

•Robbie Lee

•Drew Gann

•John Wharton

•Laurentius Joseph

•Scott Robertson

•Reggie Johnson

•Marne Richards

And instructors:

•Jeff Johnson

•Matt Tout

•Kevin Towe

•John Poe

•Steve Robinson

•Joe Schull

Wall coming to Gwinnett

The Vietnam Veterans War Memorial, known simply as "The Wall," is one of the most visited landmarks in Washington, D.C. Etched in granite are the names of more than 58,000 soldiers who fought and died in the Vietnam War.

The Moving Wall, a replica, has been touring the country since 1984, two years after its founders first saw the national monument erected in D.C. It is made of aluminum, painted black and is half the size of the original Wall.

It will be erected outside the Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula starting noon April 27, and will stay there until May 1. People will be able to visit it 24 hours a day during that time.

We give a thumbs up to those instrumental in bringing the monument to Gwinnett.

There are still volunteers needed for the Moving Wall. Responsibilities include assisting in setting up and taking down the display, watching over it, greeting visitors, helping them locate names and answering their questions.

To volunteer, call Marvin Atherton at 770-367-7371 or e-mail

Going to the dogs

We give a thumbs up this week to Beth Wellington, a veterinarian with a soft heart.

Marigold, a healthy 1-year-old, 44-pound pure-bred husky suffers from glaucoma and is blind in her right eye. Medicine is necessary to treat the problem and can be expensive.

Marigold came to Best Friend Veterinary Hospital and Pet Lodge in Braselton a month ago when her previous owner took her to be euthanized. Wellington said he couldn't afford Marigold's medicine bills, which ranged from $125 to $175 a month, and the only option he had was to put her to sleep.

But Wellington, who already cares for a blind dog and decided she couldn't take on the extra responsibility, did take on the task of finding Marigold another home.

If you would like to find out more information about Marigold, e-mail Beth Wellington at