Homeless woman carrying $21,931

•NORCROSS - A homeless woman was arrested after she repeatedly refused to leave the parking lot of a gas station in Norcross.

Employees of the QuikTrip at 6065 Singleton Road contacted police to report that Susan Woolley, 61, would not leave the premises. Officers and sheriff's deputies told her to drive away and not return, or she would be arrested for criminal trespass, according to a police report.

Later Tuesday night, she came back, parked her car and covered the windows with various items of clothing. An officer knocked on her window and woke her up. She told him three officers had already checked her out, and she was fine. She argued with the officer for a few minutes before he asked for her paperwork on the vehicle.

When asked, Woolley said she was homeless. After they arrested her, police searched her car and found four envelopes containing money, including $21,931 in cash and a check for $59,000. They were kept in the Gwinnett County evidence room, according to the report.

Woolley was arrested and charged on two counts of obstructing a law enforcement officer and criminal trespass. Her car was impounded.

Woman says man pulled gun on her

•NORCROSS - Police are investigating a case in which a man allegedly pulled a shotgun on a female acquaintance at a Norcross hotel, according to a police report.

A 24-year-old woman called the police Thursday after she said a man staying in a nearby room kicked her door open, came into her room and started arguing with her. During the heated confrontation, he pulled a black and brown shotgun out of her closet.

Then he turned around, put the shotgun in a Ford Focus, got into the car and drove away. She packed up her possessions and left as soon as possible, according to a police report.

The man had been paying for her room at the Norcross Extended Stay, but it was unclear whether they were romantically involved. She told police that she had not known him for very long.

Police found a shotgun and a matching box of shells in the back of the Ford Focus. A security guard also said he had found a shotgun shell in the hotel. Both the man and the female resident of his room said they didn't know where the weapon came from or how they got into the trunk of the car.

Customer says restaurant owner assaulted her

•DULUTH - A customer at a Duluth restaurant told police that when she walked out on her meal, the restaurant owner followed her home and hit her, a report said.

A 28-year-old Korean woman said she had gone to Cafe Todahmgol for dinner with friends. She said the waitress was very rude to them, and that she and her friends decided against eating there. They walked out.

A short time later, the owner came to her house, grabbed her and later kicked her. Then she got in her car and left, the customer said.

The owner told police that the customers had ordered food, and when the food came out, they had cursed at the waitress for no reason. She said the waitress told her what happened. She had gone to the customer's home to ask why she "came to the restaurant and disrespected the waitress," according to the report.

- From staff reports